About Grub's on Dickson

Located just off of Dickson, in the heart of the entertainment district, Grub’s has been a Fayetteville staple for over 10 years. Our juicy half-pound burgers and signature Fry Dip have a reputation of their own, but it was our admirable school spirit and party-hard-game-day celebrations that gained us national recognition. ESPN’s Rick Reilly let the country know that we really are the “best college bar in America.” It’s true; we have a great place for college kids to hang out, watch the game, and grab a beer. At the same time we maintain a family friendly atmosphere. Many Arkansas Alumni that frequented the bar in the early 2000s now bring their families to enjoy the same delicious food and fun they have always known.

Dickson St. Specials


220 N. West Ave. • Fayetteville, AR 72701